The A*CR is just getting off the ground, now we need you to get involved. 


  • A*CR is a united initiative of Mutiny and Socialist Resistance as well as others, the A*CR is our contribution to rebuilding the socialist left in the wake of Corbynism, in a world that is being increasingly shaped and defined by the far right populist and fascists, where the Amazon rainforest is being cut down whilst global warming spins out of control and 20,000 workers for Jeff Bezos' Amazon corporation are infected with COVID whilst their boss increase his wealth by $73bn during lockdown.


  • Now it is socialism or barbarism. This is why left realignment and regroupment is so important. We have to build a socialist organisation that can fight the political, ideologically and industrial class war. 


  • We have had a weekend school which was well attended with reports from Mutiny and Socialist Resistance online here. There is a good comradely spirit of unity and cooperation being built. Members are already signing up to help shape the direction of this initiative.


  • We also need money. The far right is being funded by billionaires who are helping them spread the politics of hate and fear. We need money to even stand a small chance to counter that. 

Please donate below if you are able, a donation however small will assist the Anti*Capitalist Resistance in fighting the forces amassed against the working class. 

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