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Pandemic - analysis by anti*capitalist resistance

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  • Online Talk Thu 22/04 19:30 I.S.W present From Rentier Capitalism to Pandemic Slump: Why Basic Income is Vital.
    22 Apr, 19:00 BST
    Online Zoom Talk
    I.S.W are delighted to welcome Dr. Guy Standing speaking on the theme: From Rentier Capitalism to Pandemic Slump: Why Basic Income is Vital.
  • This year is the 100th anniversary of British imperialism's partition of Ireland, an event that created two corrupt, dysfunctional states in the country and divided its working class.
  • On 24 April 1-5pm we'll be holding a major public meeting to exchange experiences and ideas with activists from different countries on how to push for Zero Covid and for solidarity across borders.


Anti*Capitalist Resistance

After the defeat of Corbynism and a Tory Brexit, the Left must reorganise. We have an English nationalist government, pandemic chaos, and climate catastrophe.


We must build mass movements to resist the ecological disaster, economic collapse, grotesque inequality, mass impoverishment, growing militarisation, and creeping authoritarianism. 


We cannot remain divided. We have to unite around principles of internationalism, ecosocialism, anti-racism, feminism, democracy, solidarity with the oppressed, and struggle from below.

Anti*Capitalist Resistance is a framework for working towards a united, democratic, revolutionary Marxist organisation. Regardless of the groups, campaigns, and struggles you are involved in, if you agree, join us and become part of creating the Anti*Capitalist Resistance.