Why We Need Anti*Capitalist Resistance.

30 March 2021

A new booklet 'Why We Need Anti*Capitalist Resistance written by Simon Hannah has just been released by Resistance Books.


The world is facing an unprecedented crisis with the pandemic, climate disaster, and economic crash. Extreme inequality is out of control. Resistance is happening on every continent against the capitalist system. The vision of Karl Marx for a new society is still relevant today. Simon Hannah gives an outline of Marxism and how it can help us in the fight to free people from exploitation and save the planet.


Simon Hannah is a socialist and trade union activist, and a member of Anti*Capitalist Resistance. He is the author of A Party with Socialists in it: a history of the Labour Left (2018: Pluto Press), Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay: the fight to stop the Poll Tax (2020: Pluto Press), and Radical Lambeth.

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