ZERO COVID day of action

Updated: Jan 15

11 November 2020

We don’t have to live with the virus, there is a way of beating it. Other countries have done it. We could too, with an effective Zero Covid Strategy.

Please do sign up for this important campaign and show your support and solidarity on Saturday!

Join a Day of Action Saturday 14 November

Here are the details:


Dr Gabriel Scally (Independent SAGE, PC) - Daniel Kebede (VP of NEU, PC) - Larissa Kennedy (President of NUS, PC) - Dr Emma Runswick (BMA activist, PC) - Janet Newsham (Hazards Campaign) - Clare Rayner (Long Covid group) - Elane Heffernan (Chair of Disabled Members UCU, UCU Executive, PC) - Q&A

RSVP to get your Zoom link!


No gatherings. Take to the streets in 1s and 2s with home-made placards to demand a Zero Covid Strategy - read our guide to safe protesting here

Zero Covid campaign website

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